About International Service

We are an international development organisation that has been protecting and promoting the rights of marginalised people in Latin America, West Africa, and the Middle East since 1953. This is usually women, people with disabilities, children and young people, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

We believe in a rights based approach to development, delivered through projects with long term, local partners who are based in the countries in which we operate.

About the oPt (occupied Palestinian territory)

The occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) comprises the areas of The West Bank and the Gaza Strip. They are at the centre of one of the highest-profile and longest struggles of modern times.

The geographical area that is now Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territory has been ruled for the past several centuries by various occupying forces – Ottoman Turks from 1516 to 1917, Britain (under a post-World War I mandate by the League of Nations) from 1918 to 1948, and Israel from 1948 until present-day. Between 1948 and 1967 the West Bank was under Jordanian sovereignty while the Gaza Strip was under Egyptian rule. 

Currently there is increased focus on the occupied Palestinian territory and the safety of its people. Since 1953 our work has been about recovery, rebuilding and reconstruction. This work is now more important than ever.

We do this by working with organisations in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem to increase their sustainability and effectiveness. Our approach has been to support our local partner organisations to enable them to best serve their communities. In recent years we have piloted the use of teams of organisational development workers who are able to provide support to multiple partners. This has proved very successful and has attracted a great deal of interest from local and international agencies. We are now seeking to build this as a sustainable and diversified funding model, which we will then seek to share across all our countries.

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Life Expectancy (years) 73.2
Area (square miles) 2,263
Income Per Capita ($) 5,168
Population (millions) 4.33
GINI Index* 35.5
HDI Rank** 107

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* The GINI index is a measure of inequality based on the spread and distribution of wealth in a country. Thus a GINI index of 0 represents perfect equality, while an index of 100 implies perfect inequality.

** The HDI rank is based on the ranked Human Development Index as published in the 2014 United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report. The HDI measures the level of development in 187 countries and ranks them from 1 (highest development) to 187 (lowest development).